Prepare yourself for an unprecedented Halloween extravaganza. Come and join us for an evening of shopping, dining, and thrilling entertainment - and the best part is, it's completely free to attend. Take a glimpse at what we have in store for you.

There are more than 150 traders, covering a wide range of industries such as interiors, fashion, art, and vintage nicknacks.

Prepare for the powerful rhythms of the Scottish Clan Drummers as they grace the stage, reviving age-old customs through a captivating and rhythmic show.

Experience the extraordinary as our daring performer takes on the impossible, captivating audiences with a heart-stopping display that combines bear traps and the exhilarating twist of staple roulette.

A stilt walker awaits your gaze, standing tall in a captivating Halloween outfit, towering over the spectators.

Prepare to be mesmerised by the captivating performance of our LED Burlesque Hula Hoopers, who will enchant you with their dazzling display of light and motion.

Experience the intense heat radiating from our brave fire eaters as they captivate the audience with their performance, igniting the night with their exceptional talent and bold feats.

The magician will amaze you as he guides you through a captivating experience of magic and illusion.

Experience a night filled with electrifying music that will keep the energy alive. Our talented DJ will have you dancing well into the witching hours (10PM) with an exhilarating mix of Halloween-themed tracks.