Colour Ways Glasgow CIC was founded in May 2020 by Glasgow Artist: @ohpandah; We are an artist led organisation which aims to support and promote graffiti and street art within Glasgow. 

We curate murals, host walking tours, have an online shop for selling artwork and we also host street art and graffiti workshops with young people across the city.

We believe that street art and graffiti are powerful tools for social change. By creating new murals around the city we hope to inspire a future generation of artists, while also bringing new life to forgotten or underused parts of the city. By hosting our workshops and walking tours we also aim to bring more awareness to the culture behind these art forms, which is often overlooked.

It is our belief that street art and graffiti are still not fully accepted by society and we aim to help change people’s perceptions of these forms of art. By providing spaces and opportunities for artists to express themselves and display their work around the city, Colour Ways will help to destigmatize graffiti and to a lesser extent street art.