Q. I want to review/photograph a show?
A. The venue is happy to take press enquires about the history of the Ballroom but does not control press access for shows. For events & artists please contact the promoter or management direct. 

Q. What is the Ballroom Capacity?
A. 1900 Standing

Q. Is there disability access?
A. Yes the security staff have disability training, including operating a stair climber and there is a raised disabled viewing ramp, at the rear of the hall. Please contact the venue office direct, if you have specific needs or wish detailed information about access.

Note A:  The Ballroom cannot at present accommodate motorised wheelchairs but we have a stair climber for manual wheelchair users, details of the climber are here. The Climber Instructions.

Note B: due to capacity safety issues, carers may need to purchase a ticket as well. Please check your ticketing site for carer and age restrictions on every show, before purchase.

Q. Can I bring medications into the venue.
A. Yes if they are life essential, in original packaging and able to be identified.  Where possible please provide prescriptions or a Doctors note, as this will assist in easing your access through security. If in any doubt, please contact the office.

Note: Please leave nonessential medicines at home or in your car to assist security.

Q. I am an artist, can I get a support slot at a Barrowland gig.
A. The venue only hires to experienced promoters and has no control over support slots so you have to contact the promoter, not the venue.

Q. How much does it cost to hire the venue?
A. It depends on the event so email the venue with as much detail as possible: 

Q. Does the venue do charity shows for free?
A. Sadly the venue has a lot of staff, electric and facilities to pay for at any event but authorised charities will be given a fair discount and advice, on request.

Q. Can we visit the venue?
A. The venue does not have dedicated tours but open days will be published and special considerations given for organised events, (See Contact Tab).

Q. Can we advertise on the site?
A. We do not have advertisements on the site, unless they are offering a service that relates to the venue and provides a discount for people attending events.

Q. Can I join the mailing list?
A. We no longer have an email mailing list but there are links to Twitter and Facebook and a Twitter Feed tab above for people not wishing to  join Twitter. The site will also try and put news up as soon as we are told by the promoter or artist management.

Q. I missed getting a ticket, can I use the Barrowland sites to pay extra to find one?
A. The venue has a zero tolerance to touting! We are happy for fans to sell tickets at face value but touts will be banned. Please do not buy from anyone selling at over the ticket price, as it rips off the fans, artist and promoter.

Q. How do I get to know about gigs first?
A. We do our best to get gig info out as soon as we receive it or the band announces it but we rely on them to tell us so if there is a band you love we suggest you sign up to their mailing list.

Q. I am bringing my Son/Daughter to their first Barrowland show is it safe?
A. Most shows have a 14 or 18+ restriction for safety and to comply with licencing laws, (Please check age restrictions on the ticketing site, before purchasing).

14+ Show:

Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

16- 17 must be accompanied by a responsible person.

18+ Shows ID is required.

Note: We require a valid Passport or Driving Licence or Provisional for a 18 year + Concert

The Barrowland do their best to ensure crowd safety and anyone being aggressive will be warned and/or removed.  There is a fine line between enjoying a show and a crowd becoming a danger.  If you feel unsafe we suggest moving to the rear or sides of the venue where there is more space and please report any aggressive or antisocial behaviour out to the security staff. There is trained medical staff to treat injuries and heat exhaustion at all shows.