SINCE 1921

Established in 1921, The Barras is a renowned institution in Glasgow, Scotland, known for its bustling street and indoor weekend market located in the East End of the city. The term "Barra" is Glaswegian dialect for "barrow" relating to the market's early years where traders sold their wares from handcarts.

In 1926, Maggie McIver made the decision to cover the market primarily to safeguard clothing trader's from the unpredictable Scottish weather, preventing their stock from being ruined.

The Barras Market, which began as a small outdoor trading post for locals, has transformed into a renowned destination. It is not just a shopping centre, but also a vibrant entertainment hub and a beloved gathering spot for the Glaswegian community. Even after a century, the legend and nostalgia of the market still linger thick in the air.

The market was not Maggie’s only enduring idea. In 1934, after the usual venue for her trader’s Christmas party was fully booked, she opened the Barrowland Ballroom to accommodate her own. Starting life as a hall for tea dances, in more recent history the Ballroom plays host to well-known bands and musicians; and is considered one of the best live music venues in the world.