Established in 2017, KENNEDY is the Glasgow bred rock n roll baby of designer, Fiona Kennedy. Describing the clothing brand's look/ ethos in her own words: I knew that when I wanted to create my own fashion brand I had three key things to keep in mind: UK manufacturing, inclusivity and originality. KENNEDY is pretty much built on my own personal style. Taking inspiration from the classic rock styles of the 60s, punk looks of the 80s and straight through to the grunge and gothic vibes of the 90s.

I’m looking for KENNEDY to reclaim the ‘groupie’ image and title, to say that women can be IN the band too and aren't just on the side-lines. Channelling the empowered vibes of female artists and overall punk icons such as Joan Jett, Cherrie Currie and Debbie Harry, I live by the motto of ‘we’re in the band, not with them’ when it comes to designing any of my ranges.

I want anyone wearing my designs to feel like they can take on the world and I want it to be accessible to just about everyone with our extended size ranges and bespoke options.

Already starting to be known for our liberal use of sequins, animal prints, faux fur and leatherette, I’ve already been privileged enough to dress some of the women currently killing it in the UK music scene, including Izzy Bee Phillips (Black Honey), Theresa Jarvis (Yonaka) and Cruel Hearts Club. As well as being featured in Biffy Clyro’s collaborative short film: Balance not symmetry.